Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wow, God is funny sometimes!

Today was one of those days! I have a toddler who is two and thinks she's twenty. She wants it her way! Let's just say we had a rough morning. I try to pray often for and with Elizabeth. But today I prayed extra hard. I decided we needed a diversion. I remembered the Allentown Fair is this week and during the day between 12 ad 2 you can get in for free. I immediately got Elizabeth and drove over. A series of things went well:
  • We found free parking. I got a good bit of exercise out of the deal. ;)
  • Elizabeth got a lollipop and sticker from the first two booths.
  • I found a yummy smoothie stop.
  • We found the afternoon family entertainment tent and saw a show, and got free popcorn upon entry. (At this point I'm thinking, "Thank you, Lord, this is so cool!")
  • The show ended and they asked us to pull out our raffle tickets we were given upon entry. Our number was drawn!
  • Elizabeth won this:

What a neat blessing! (The fun part was getting it in the car.) As we were walking away I just couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the reminder that God loves me. And He has given me so much more than a silly toy!

Now, if you want all the cool "specs" you'll just have to check with Josiah. And please, come over and play!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I love spending time, just the three of us. Here's a glimpse into our world.

Elizabeth can be seen here, "Eating the Moo". (I couldn't get her to say "feed the cow", but she didn't want to leave, even to move onto the peach-picking!)

Picking peaches with daddy!

She couldn't resist digging right in! The farm allows a "snack, not a meal".

The result: a yummy pie to share with Grandma and Grandpa Ritchie!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Having a Pity Party for me...

In high school I had a great friend named Heather, who would sometimes say "I'm having a pity party for me, wanna come?" It always made us laugh. Today I was feeling sorry for me...I don't have many friends here yet, and the days are just long. My depression prone brain wants to go for a pity party. I cleaned up the house intending to go for a walk and take Elizabeth to the park. But when I was finally ready to go all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and feel sorry for myself. So I did. I told God that I was sad. I wondered at His wisdom in placing me here, a people person, with out many people around. I thought of all the relationships I've built so far, and thanked God for them. I logically know that over time I will get to know more people, but in the mean time what do I do? A still small voice said--go for walks, even when you don't feel like it.

So I forced my self off the couch and out the door, Elizabeth in tow. She always lifts my spirits. It was great watching her try all four slides, and not show an ounce of hesitation. She is growing up! We tried the swings and even a bit of gymnastics (you know, balancing on the wooden barrier around the playground). That's when a little friend came and joined the fun. His name is Daniel. His family just moved here in April, and they don't have much family around. I enjoyed a pleasant conversation with his mom, Christy, while Elizabeth and Daniel chased each other around the playground. We exchanged phone numbers, and hope to get together to play again soon. On the walk home, I reflected on God's goodness, for pulling me out into the beauty of His creation, and allowing me to make a new friend.