Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Elizabeth is a PA-er

Okay, so this is a really weird thought I had today, and this is also a very Maryland way of saying it! Elizabeth has lived in PA longer than she lived in Maryland!!! Whoa. Try as I might I still feel compelled to tell most everyone I meet that I am from Maryland. This is my home now, but my heart is tied there by "a hundred different strings" (quoted from a Max Lucado kids book I read twice today). In Maryland you are a Marylander. So that is how it came to my mind as I was driving today-she is a PA-er. We moved here when she was 9 months. Now she is two (as she will point out often, while struggling to hold up just the right combination of fingers.) She has lived in Pennsylvania for longer than half her little life (outside the womb). She will not struggle with which football team to cheer for (okay scratch that, between my family and "Aunt Timanda", she will probably be a die hard Redskins fan living in Eagle territory). But, there are so many things that I miss about home, that she will not. This is her home. Everything here will be normal for her. And that's cool. (And yes, I know that technically it's Pennsylvanian, not PA-er).