Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Married to a Techie

When we were dating and first married, Josiah had one of these. It's a PDA--a Visor Edge by Handspring. One time we were horseback riding on a college resident assistant retreat, and he pulled it out just so he could say he'd even used technology on a horse.

He called it his memory or brain or something (but really that's me). The part that used to really bug me was when he pulled it out on Sunday morning in church to read the Bible on it. I think it mostly bugged me because I worried what others might think--because to me it looked like he was working or playing while he should have been paying attention.

A few days ago at church, as I sat in the sound room with Josiah, both he and another lady next to me pulled out their blackberry and iphone, respectively, and looked up the appropriate passage. I giggled a little, because I suppose this is becoming normal--or maybe I'm just used to it because I'm married to a techie.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Learning her ABC's

"If learning your letters is part of your job, meet alphabet Larry and alphabet Bob..." This quote is from one of the few childrens books I've had the privilege of memorizing, Bob and Larry's ABC's by Phil Vischer. We read the Veggie Tales books by Phil Vischer so often in fact, that when looking at books Elizabeth often says, "by Phil Vischer", but thats a side note.) These last couple months we've had the joy of watching her actually recognize some of her letters. On a good day, she can recognize all of the vowels. Here's a picture of her playing with playdough letters from last week.