Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A few of my favorite things in the Lehigh Valley, part 1

I am enjoying Colorado. I'm thankful for the adventures God is taking my family on, though most of my days look strikingly similar. I get up, make my bed, fix breakfast for the kids, try to squeeze in some Bible time and coffee, start chores, play with the kids, fix lunch...You get the idea! I'm even typing this post on the same computer. I could be in Allentown right now.

I always intended to write this list sooner, but it seems more appropriate in hindsight. Here are a list of some of my favorite places in the Lehigh Valley. They all hold special memories spent with people I love.

1)  The Drive-in 
Becky's or Schenkweiler's it doesn't matter to me. One of our first dates when we moved to PA was a drive in movie. And by date, I mean we hoped baby Elizabeth would fall asleep in the backseat while we watched the movie. Since she didn't, she ended up climbing all over us/the floor/the seats the whole time. It's still a good memory.

2) The Crayola Factory
This was a favorite place of ours to take out of town guests. My favorite times, though, were when just Elizabeth and I would go and spend a few hours creating together. We got a pass so we could go often!

3) Dorney Park
I'm super thankful my Dad and Mom continued my grandfather's tradition of buying us season passes to the local amusement park. Fortunately for us, it was only 5 minutes away. I have wonderful memories of swimming with Elizabeth and watching her face light up when she met a new character or rode a ride. I also had a blast getting to know one of my best friends there and laughing with her when one of our kids had a break down over something silly, like not letting them ride the biggest roller coaster in the park when they were two (ahem). Perhaps the best part of Dorney was the fall festival--during the day time. They gave out free costumes each year (one year a clown, another year a pirate) and offered trick or treating in a safe/fairytale environment.

4) Wegmans
I don't remember my first time in Wegmans, but I do remember that it could be wonderful or horribly overwhelming if it was crowded. I quickly learned to shop in the later evenings when it was less busy so I could take my time! I learned so much about cooking from their menu magazine and website. You can get anything at Wegmans, thus eliminating the need to go to multiple stores, and if you stick with their brand and sale items, you CAN get a good deal. The trouble is that they just have so many enticing options. The good news is that their customer service is spectacular.

5) Farmer's Markets
Allentown--This is not your typical farmer's market. Yes, you can get some local produce but it's hard to find amidst all that is there. Once you know what to look for, though, it's a great. Tons of specialty items like low cost organic chicken, fresh Mediterranean food, coffee, Amish baked goods, popcorn and more. It was only open from Thursday to Saturday, so the craziest time to go was anytime after three on Saturday. Then you will find deeply discounted items, but they may be out of your favorites.

Emmaus--This is your typical farmer's market. Held outdoors only on Sundays from May to Thanksgiving, I really enjoyed stopping by here for lunch on the way home from church. The local honey is the best deal in town. The bread guy that's there has the tastiest bread, and the veggies are local and often organic.

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Woo! Great Blog! I love Lehigh Valley to!